Something About Rain

There is something about the rain

that eases away our fears.

Cleansing that which is soiled,

Starting new and fresh the old.

Raising my face to the heavens

I close my eyes

letting the cool drops wash over me.

A spring shower bringing new life,

new beginnings,

new hope

that a world full of hate and fear

may remember what life is truly for.

To live,

To love,

To learn.

To be equal in all eyes

as those who put us here

Do not condemn those who are different,


for we are all brought into this world the same way

as we are taken away.

Do I not breathe the same as you do?

Do I not bleed the same as you do?

Why must I walk the same path you do

when my heart tells me it is not my path?

Why should I be forced to see,



what you see as right,

when in my heart

I see it as wrong?

I do not condemn you for your differences,

do not condemn me for mine.

In the end

when life is over

we in this wondrous world

all return to that which we came,

our souls set free to find a new life,

a new beginning,

a new journey,

one that is hopefully

better than the last.


© 2014 Heidi Barnes

3 thoughts on “Something About Rain

    1. There will always need to be leaders, but to think one is better than the other because of race or religious beliefs I will never understand. Like I said, we all bleed the same and we all go back to the earth. If we were all the same it would be a boring world.

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