Angel of Music

Angel of Music
sings softly to me.
Whispering promises
not meant to be.
True love kisses
breaks spellbound heart.
Angel of Music
now silent,
Desperate to keep
what once was his,
Angel of Music
falls from heaven
to evil’s bliss
to find love taken
yet not returned,
is love lost
in a kiss.
Discovery opens eyes
to misery deep,
Angel of Music
for love forgiven weeps.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

While I was watching the Phantom of the Opera the other day, I had written a poem. Then as I was about to finish it, happy with what I had written, I lost it. Let’s just say it was not a happy moment. While this is not the original, part of it came back to me and I posted that on Twitter. This morning the rest came to me so I finished it. 🙂

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