Silent Pleas

Are you strong
when you solder on
through agony so deep
it should bring you to your knees?
To keep smiling
even though inside you are dying,
so those who surround you
have sanity in chaos to cling on to.
What they don’t realize
is when you are alone and hidden
that grief kept under wraps
breaks out and your knees collapse.
Greif and agony
washing over, through, surrounding
your soul screaming,
your heart breaking
chaos reigning.
Stay strong
stay silent
break wrong
no longer valiant.
I feel your pain
hear your silent pleas,
help me bear this grief
before I lose all belief.

~ © Heidi Barnes

One thought on “Silent Pleas

  1. Lindsay

    This Poem is a Real Tough Read. It Crashes The Heart & Soul into Total Oblivion. More Sadly is the fact that many people`s lives are in this state of desperation .

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