“Make It So” A Freewrite

I haven’t done one of these in a while. A friend of mine has started a Free Write of her own and this is the first time I’ve been able to participate. I have forgotten how much fun they are and how they help loosen up the mind. So often I get caught up in the words I end up getting stuck. These Free Writes help unplug my brain so the words flow easier.

If you want to join go to Sharyl Fuller’s site Writing Outside the Lines and check it out.

So here is my submission for this weeks Writing Challenge. The idea is to just write. While I did fix spelling errors, there is no other type of editing. I hope you enjoy.

Word Bank: grovel submerge radiance lower jaded

Image: From Google Images
Image: From Google Images


I wanted to ask why? What had happened in the past that had made him so jaded? The boy I remember was loving, caring, put others before himself. This man I hardly recognized. Oh the features were the same if not a little older. The same brown hair, the same crooked nose, the same broad chest and narrow waist. It was the hazel eyes that were the most changed. They did not have the same light that shown the radiance of his soul. That beautiful innocence. Now they were dark and angry. At what I did not know. All I knew was that those eyes were leveled at me and they frightened me. Lowering my eyes, I fought not to grovel at his feet. I would not give him the satisfaction of knowing how much he frightened me, and I refused to submerge myself in the horrors that surrounded him. I would not become what he was, no matter what he did to me.

“Your eyes are downcast, but you do not submit,” his voice shivered over me, cold and condemning.

“I will not bow to what you have become,” I answered with more confidence than I was feeling inside.

The silence stretched on.

“You know the consequences,” he whispered.

Was that fear in his voice? What was he afraid of? He was in complete control. I was at his mercy. There was nowhere for me to run, to hide. Yet he sounded afraid. Slowly raising my eyes, taking in every inch of his well-honed body; I risked a peek up into those eyes and saw they were a little too wide. A little too wild. What was going on?

Without speaking I once again lowered my eyes, giving him my answer. There was a small gasp of surprise then the room seemed to grow colder. I could feel him steal himself from what was to come.

“Very well,” he said his voice flat, unemotional, cold. “Make it so.”

© 2015 Heidi Barnes

Have a wonderful day. 🙂


9 thoughts on ““Make It So” A Freewrite

  1. Lindsay

    Loved It Heidi. Seems to be a beginning of a good book .Would Love to know what happens next. You Wetted my appetite for more .

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