Bits-N-Pieces: Broken Promises – Free Write #25

Source: Unknown

Out there, somewhere, was my freedom. I didn’t know how it would come, or when, just that it would. How many years had I been trapped here, trying to escape a destiny I did not want. Too many. I wanted to leave in the worst way, but they would find me if I did. That was the last thing any of us wanted, because if they found me they would find them and then all the years of fighting, of searching for the answer that would free us would have been wasted. I had to wait here and be patient like I was asked me to.

So I sat here, night after night staring out into the dark sky that held my freedom and waited.

A voice whispered in the night at the edge of my conscious, begging me to listen. The harder I strained the more the words slipped away. A sudden foreboding consumed me. Something was not right. I stood, the blanket that I had wrapped around me to ward off the early spring chill pooled in the dirt at my feet. They had found me! How I had no idea because this planet was well protected with a strange anomaly that was part of the middle of the universe. A left over of the beginning of time, this planet was hidden from view from every known technology and from those that created it. A rare find in such a vast space.

Finally the words became clear, the voice so familiar, so much a part of me, that it made my knees week with longing. There was only one word and I heeded it without question.


Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is for a Free Write I participate in called Writing Outside the Lines. Go have a look and see if any strike your fancy and give it a try. It’s a lot of fun and helps clear your mind of the words that are bouncing around your head so you maybe can focus a little better. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Bits-N-Pieces: Broken Promises – Free Write #25

  1. Lindsay

    I Loved This One Heidi ! Yes You Rock and Hope you Keep Ticking Away On The Keys Creating Wonderful Stories of Vivid Imagination !

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