Pick a Door – Free Write Prompt #33


Pick a door. Any door, as long as you realize the consequences of that choice. For once you step inside, there is no turning back.

How brave are you? How will you survive? The worlds beyond are nothing like the mortal world. The creatures within do not obey our rules, follow our laws. They have their own rules and laws that will seem strange and harsh to our delicate sensibilities. Kill or be killed, a delicacy to be savored or discarded as they see fit. Fantastical beasts who guard their realms and treasures with zealous glee.

Pick a door, but I caution you to pick wisely because there is a catch. What ever realm you choose is what you will become now and forever more. Go ahead. Reach out, wrap your fingers around the ancient orb, give it a twist and step into a realm where mischief and mayhem reign supreme, and your life will never be the same.

© 2016 Heidi Barnes

This Free Write prompt is from Writing Outside the Lines.

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