What Is – Prompt #50

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Looking back there are times when I ask myself, what if. What if I went left instead of right? What if I had had the courage to say yes instead of no? What if I had taken that last step instead of hesitating, only to watch opportunity slip out of my reach? What if I had just kept my mouth shut. 

What might have been if I had made different choices?

We could ‘what if’ ourselves to death, but I think the question you should ask yourself is would I be the same person I am today? I think we are here for a reason. It could be small. Something that affects one decision for one person that may lead to something bigger. Ir it may be something world changing. Something that affects each and every one if us. 

We may never know the what might have been. We do know the now, and for better or worse we should make the best of what is.

Copyright © 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is for writing prompt #50 on the website Writing Outside the Lines.

7 thoughts on “What Is – Prompt #50

  1. Lindsay

    We all What If and Second Guess .It`s in our nature .Keep writing Heidi .Your musings always stimulate my mind and imagination.

  2. I agree, Heidi. We need to make the best we can of what we have, each day. That can give us the chance NOT to think what if. At least, that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. But I know some bad choices left me short of where I would have been. Live and learn.

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