A Story Unfinished…. ~ Part 3

Treason they yell,


Questions asked,

answers demanded.

None will be given

for the accused have fled.

To where impossible to know.

Space is vast,


It will not give up its secrets easily.

Safe they will remain

while injuries heal.

Forgiveness given,

bond shared strengthen

with touch and promises mete.

Hunted by all,

two sides united in one cause.

Find those who betrayed

trust and law.

Yet one thing remains

the power that be

in their relentless single-mindedness

will never understand,

what war rips asunder

love can heal jagged edges,

uniting that what was once broken.

So run they must,

hidden in the stars,


quietly working to end

senseless waste.

Until reason is seen

and hostility ceases.

And so they begin….

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