A Story Unfinished…. ~ Part 2

Blood on his hands,

on his soul.

permanently stained.

To love was to be free

yet shackles of war are too strong.

Binding, chafing,

strangling life as we know it,

tearing hearts and souls apart.

Screams bring pain,

tears have no relief.

To turn away

will betray fragile trust

so watch he must

as his love is destroyed.

Unable to stand no more

he stops the torture,

praying he is not too late.

The room clears,

silence grows thick.

Eyes of glass watch closely,


wondering what devilery this is.

Faint rasps of breath spur motion.

Alliances forgotten

only one thing remains,

to be true to his heart

the consequences be damned.

Eyes watch the tender scene,

narrowing as suspicion proves true,

a traitor amongst them,

one of power and strength.

Tread carefully they must

if victory is to be obtain.

So they wait…

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