Feelings so deep threatening to overwhelm nowhere to show them nowhere to run how do I express when I don't understand what I want what I need what I feel how do I overcome the unknown


Looking in unaware I am there wanting to be where you are never enough can't live without can't live within reaching for what once was fingertips brushing air forever out of reach untouchable gone. - Jamie: Fated to Be Copyright © 2017 Heidi Barnes

No More

Darkness surrounds me threatens to consume at ever turn. Make me into something a mother would spurn. I try to fight it with thoughts of love hope family all that is good in life, but despair is ever my bane, taking that which was once good turning it into hatred burning hot bright. Beware of creatures living deep within, …

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Keep Moving

Bruised, battered, broken, and still you rise from the ashes of defeat to fight another day. Courage has nothing to do with determination. We all have demons, we all at one time feel lost, even if we do not admit it to others to ourselves. Take a moment process, heal, catch your breath. I will …

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