Light in the Darkness

It seems to come in spurts. Loss is never easy, but when you lose more than one person in a short period of time it’s hard to see the light for the darkness.

In the town where I grew up, in a twenty-four hour period there has been a loss of three people that have touched many lives. One of them a classmate of mine. Suddenly mortality is front and center. If someone I knew as a child, is the same age as I am, is now gone. When will it be my time? When will I suddenly not be here? Makes one stop and think, have I done everything I want to do? Have I told those that I love that I love them recently? Another is a classmates mother. That is luckily something I have not gone through yet, but at the moment scares me. I am not ready to lose a parent. It was hard enough when my grandmother passed.

I know this is slightly depressing for the holidays, but even though loss  can be devastating, can surround you with darkness and pain, the light is always there. You just need to look for it, search high and low until you see a glimmer and then hold on for all it’s worth. Even though it can feel like it, life does not end, it does not stop just because a loved one has moved on. You must still live yours. Do it as best as you can. Where the pain never really goes away, and it can come back and knock you to your knees unexpectedly, it does become manageable.

There is light in the darkness. Find it and live on.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

2 thoughts on “Light in the Darkness

  1. Lindsay

    Hi Heidi reading this post you reminded me to tell everyone I Love to tell them .Also We have all lost Loved Ones from Dear Friends to Close Relative’s . I`ve long lost both Parents and Grand Parents so has my Wife Audrey. On top of that Audrey has lost 3 Sisters and One Brother. At this time of year we tend to think back to Past Christmases when we were all together alive and enjoying the Festivities. Still as hard as that is we must live for Ourselves and Enjoy everyday. Take Care Heidi ,Love Hugs XO ,Merry Christmas !

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