Suzi’s Birthday Present

I have a wonderful friend on Twitter that I love to have fun with when it comes to writing. Over the years, we have come up with a couple of characters that every once in a while peek their heads onto Twitter and take over our threads.

Mine comes from a character that I created in a Free Write Friday I used to do on Kellie Elmore’s website. She is a witch that lives in the forest by herself, which she likes it that way. Although she does not look a day over thirty, she is very old and is neither good or evil. Because she has been betrayed in the worst of ways, their are very few that she has let into her life or she trusts. Suzanne’s character is a pixie by the name of Suzi. Suzi always means well, but her magic is, shall we say, a little…unpredictable. Even so, Suzi has managed to worm her way into my character’s heart, even if at times the pixie exasperates her to no end.

What started out as Suzi waking me up early in the morning with exuberance and being very loud (I am NOT a morning person either in story or real life) has grown into a friendship and an actual story, which we should get back to writing someday.

So, it was my birthday last weekend and Suzi paid me a little visit. I have copied and pasted the entire thread onto here. Due to Twitter’s 140 character rule, I have edited a few words that were shortened and fixed the punctuation and format. Otherwise everything is the same as it was on Twitter.

So, enough from me. Here is Suzi’s Birthday Present


Suzi flutters into the living room with a small box in her hand. She quietly places it on the floor. Pursing her lips as she looks around, she decides she’ll need more room. Removing her wand, she gently sweeps all the furniture against the wall.

“Hmmm,” she says with a big smile. “That should do it.” Walking back to the small box she reaches in her pocket for her bag of pixie dust. “Now let me think. Is it one pinch or two?” She reaches in to take some out and the bag drops out of her hand and emptied out all over the box. “Oh my!” she exclaims and slowly flutters back woods as the box starts growing in size. In no time at all the box fills the entire room and Suzi is very close to being squished into the window. Just barely making it out in time, she flutters outside the house as the living room starts to groan and stretch from the pressure of the growing box.

“Oooooh no!! It gonna blow!!!” She exclaims in horror. “Take cover!” she yells as she ducks behind the nearest tree.

Just as thinks could not get any worse the house explodes! There left standing is a ginormous white box with a big red ribbon wrapped around it with a card that reads, “Happy birthday Heidi!”

“Oh jeez!” she sighs. “I don’t suppose she’ll want to open the box now. There was a pretty pink balloon I decorated by hand in there,” Suzi thought to herself. “I wonder how many there are now?”


Returning from the market, I slow to a stop, my mouth open, eyes wide as I survey the scene before me. There is a gigantic white box with a pink bow sitting among what is left of my living room, which is in shards around the meadow. Even the trees, who groan in n protest as sap weeps down their bark, have pieces of living room sticking out like small daggers. Somewhere, probably under the box, is my furniture….

Closing my eyes and counting to twenty, I take a deep breath, let it out slowly then opened them. “Suzi? Why is there a laarrgge box on my house?”

“Umm… Birthday present?” she relays sheepishly. “Wanna open it?”

“Sure…!” Praying for patience and the luck of the Irish, and every other charm that brings luck, I step towards the box and reach for the bow, gently tugging on it. It won’t budge.

“Here!” Suzi exclaims. “Let me help!!” Giving the ribbon a hard tug the lid flies open and thousands of pink hand decorated balloons come flying out!!

Gasping in awe, we watch them as most of them float up into the heavens, some staying near the ground so I can enjoy them.

“Thank you Suzi! They are beautiful!” I reach down to pick one up and examine it, loving the detail. “You really should be an artist.”

“Ummm, Heidi, you might want to put that down.” Suzi says looking up into the sky. As each balloon pops, fireworks explode.

My body freezes, the only things that work are my fingers, which let go of the balloon. Coming to my senses, I step away from the balloon before it explodes. Raising my unblinking eyes upwards, I watch the fireworks, careful to wave away any balloon that float my way.

“Very lovely,” I say my voice slightly strained. “Um, Suzi?

“Yes Heidi?”

“Be a dear and put my house back together exactly the way it was then heal the trees. I’ll start dinner. I got your favorite.” 🙂

“Yes Heidi. Oh.. And Heidi? Happy birthday!!

“Thank you, dear.” 😀

Hugs my friend!!


© 2015 Heidi Barnes & Suzanne Carey

Exasperation in Love

Stupidity that commonsense could have avoided registered in my thoughts followed quickly by frustration laced with resignation.

“What am I to do with you?” I sighed.

“Keep me?” his said, his hopeful child like expression beaming up at me from where he lay amongst the debris of what used to be a chair.

Shaking my head I took a deep breath and managed not to smile. “You are impossible,” I said trying to keep the irritation in my voice and failing.

“But you love me anyways,” he said with a conviction and grin no other could match.

With a sound of disgust I threw my hands up into the air and turned away, knowing he was right which irritated me further. “Clean it up!” I groused walking from the room before my laughter could escape, ruining what little anger I had managed to keep. How did he do that? No matter what he did, how frustrating he was, I could never stay mad at him. It was beyond exasperating!

His knowing chuckle followed behind me, promising a make up session I knew I would soon not forget once the mess was cleaned.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

A Play on Words

Your skin silky smooth



Tempting me to tread

Places I know

In the end

Will haunt me

For eternity ©


I was at Red Robin waiting for my hubby to show up when and idea hit me. Why not take something in everyday life and make it sexy. I have seen this done before, but I being around all that food gave me my subject. I also wanted to see the response I would get on Twitter since no one would see the picture until after they read the poem. he he he. It was a lot of fun. 🙂


What a little bit of morning fun can create

Sunday morning a twitter friend of mine decided she would say good morning to me by “(dripping water on your forehead and saying in a sing song voice) good morning Heidi!! ( now running like hell) ; D”. This was after yelling my name then quietly saying hello the morning before. It was ON!

As you must have guessed by now, I am a writer. We writers write, among other things, action sequences all the time. “Joe walked across the room, grabbed Lisa into his arms and kissed her as if she was the air he needed to breath.” This is how we let the reader know what is going on in the story. On Sunday, it bled out onto Twitter. I chased my friend with my super soaker 300S. (There was not enough room for the 300S part so this will be news to her 😉 ) I brought in help from another friend and we played a game of hunter and prey, with a little Elmer Fudd thrown in for good measure. Maybe this all sounds weird and silly to you, but if I can make someone’s day better, make someone laugh or inspire someone to write then it is all worth it. It’s also a blast! We were both laughing, her day was much better and someone new to me wrote a haiku based on our antics.

I could never create a haiku. It’s one of those elusive things and I have a huge amount of respect to those who can do it. Here is the one that was created for me Sunday morning by @HapRochelle.

a misty morning ~
the great northwest … slips away ~
a patient hunter
#forHeidi #haiku

He has graciously told me I can use this as I wish for it is mine. He has also posted it on his website on this page. Take a look around and see what else he as done. I also have him on my list on Twitter called Poetry Corner.

His words gave my muse something to grab onto and fly. Here is what I came up with from his wonderful haiku.

Nexus Desktop

Through misty night

Trees so tall

the hills roll on

silent footsteps fall.

The prey is quick



but hunters push on

their minds resolved.

This trickster light of foot

needs lessons taught.

Sleep is fleeting

so leave the sleepers untouched.

Retribution is high

it’s blood they seek.

Tonight will be done

no more tricks

they will sleep.

Copyright: Heidi Barnes

Thank you Hap for the inspiration! And thank you Suz for making my Sunday morning fun.