What a little bit of morning fun can create

Sunday morning a twitter friend of mine decided she would say good morning to me by “(dripping water on your forehead and saying in a sing song voice) good morning Heidi!! ( now running like hell) ; D”. This was after yelling my name then quietly saying hello the morning before. It was ON!

As you must have guessed by now, I am a writer. We writers write, among other things, action sequences all the time. “Joe walked across the room, grabbed Lisa into his arms and kissed her as if she was the air he needed to breath.” This is how we let the reader know what is going on in the story. On Sunday, it bled out onto Twitter. I chased my friend with my super soaker 300S. (There was not enough room for the 300S part so this will be news to her 😉 ) I brought in help from another friend and we played a game of hunter and prey, with a little Elmer Fudd thrown in for good measure. Maybe this all sounds weird and silly to you, but if I can make someone’s day better, make someone laugh or inspire someone to write then it is all worth it. It’s also a blast! We were both laughing, her day was much better and someone new to me wrote a haiku based on our antics.

I could never create a haiku. It’s one of those elusive things and I have a huge amount of respect to those who can do it. Here is the one that was created for me Sunday morning by @HapRochelle.

a misty morning ~
the great northwest … slips away ~
a patient hunter
#forHeidi #haiku

He has graciously told me I can use this as I wish for it is mine. He has also posted it on his website on this page. http://haprochelle.blogspot.com/2013/08/haiku-page-2.html Take a look around and see what else he as done. I also have him on my list on Twitter called Poetry Corner.

His words gave my muse something to grab onto and fly. Here is what I came up with from his wonderful haiku.

Nexus Desktop

Through misty night

Trees so tall

the hills roll on

silent footsteps fall.

The prey is quick



but hunters push on

their minds resolved.

This trickster light of foot

needs lessons taught.

Sleep is fleeting

so leave the sleepers untouched.

Retribution is high

it’s blood they seek.

Tonight will be done

no more tricks

they will sleep.

Copyright: Heidi Barnes

Thank you Hap for the inspiration! And thank you Suz for making my Sunday morning fun.

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