Chasing Rabbits by Suzanne Carey

Sitting on a tree branch, Suzi clutched her stomach, gasping for breath, laughing so hard she nearly fell out of the tree. The rabbits were back and Heidi was mad. All her lovely new plants… rabbit food. But the situation got even funnier when she called her dog Jack to chase away the furry varmints, […]

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I put a link on my original story to Suz’s post, but I thought I’d repost in case those who have already read my post missed it.

Suzi’s First Snow

Waking up from her nightly sleep, in the hollow of her favorite tree, Suzy stretches and yawns. Looking out she gasps…oh my! The earth was covered with white fluffy stuff! Going to the entrance of her cubby hole in the tree she goes to fly out but slips on the slick surface and lands face first in the snow. Sitting up, Suzy sputters and wipes away the icy coldness. Wanting to share this wonderful new discovery with her favorite human, Suzy puts on her little green jacket, grabs her wand and heads out to see Heidi.

On her way there she notices some kids rolling up the snow into big balls, putting one on top of the other. Hmmm. Getting an idea, Suzi whips out her wand and with a flick of a wrist creates a snowman. But Suzi being Suzi decides one is not enough, so continuing to flick her wand she creates 2, then 3, then 4,… And before you know it she has created a small army of snowmen in the back yard of Heidi’s house.

Fluttering overhead Suzi examines her handy work. Needs something else… Tapping her chin, her face lights up as an idea hits her. Grappling her pixie dust she flies overhead and starts to spread the sparkly mixture over her snowmen, being careful not to drop the new bag Heidi gave her for Christmas. Now her snowmen could move!! So separating them in two teams she decides a snowball fight would be great fun. So with a well worded order hundreds of snowballs went flying through the air, back and forth, ever which way.


Uh oh broken glass!  Looking over at Heidi’s bedroom window there appears to be a snowball sized hole. “Oh boy… And Heidi is still sleeping.” Fluttering over to the hole in the glass Suzi looking over at the bed and gulps. Splattered all over Heidi’s head is one of the runaway snowballs.

“Oh jeez.” fluttering through the large hole in the window Suzi flutters hesitantly over to Heidi but making sure she not within arms reach. “Um.. Good morning Heidi. Funny story about the snowball…” The noise from the snowball fight was getting really loud and Suzi found it necessary to yell in order to be heard. “Funny story about the snowmen as well” ok Heidi!! All you if you’d like to play!!

The sand is warm between my toes, a wonderful sensation after days of cold and wet the winter has dumped on us. Lying back in my lounge chair, I closed my eyes to soak up the suns warms rays. Just as I was about to drift off in heated bliss, a huge wave crashed thunderously over me, dousing me with ice cold water. As I sputtered and cough the thundering and crashing continued all around me.

“What the hell?”

Suddenly I realized that I was not on a white sand beach somewhere the sun beat down in heated wonder, but in my room, in my bed, soaking wet with what sounded like a war outside my bedroom window, which was broken, and something small and sparkling and yelling fluttering above me.


Narrowing my eyes at the pixie I asked a question I probably did not want the answer to. “Suzi? Why am I wet?”

“Well… There’s a snowball melting on your head.” Suzi giggled. Covering her mouth she said, “Sorry, but you look kinda funny”

Knowing I was going to regret asking, I sighed, “Why is there a snowball melting on my,” I wiped my face slowly with my hand, “head?” The noise outside grew louder. I frowned at the broken window. “And what is all that racket?”

Climbing out of bed, I slipped and slid over to the window to see hundreds of snowmen having a snowball fight. Ducking I barely missed being hit by another snowball. “Oh dear lord.”

The noise level was going up to deafening levels so Suzy gestured one minute and took her wand out. Intending to get a rid of the snowmen as quickly as possible she waved her wand, letting out a stream of green light. Only problem was it was the wrong color light for what she needed. And instead of melting the snowmen she inadvertently created one big giant snowball.. And it was heading right for them at ever increasing speed!

“Aww shoot! Take cover!” Suzi yelled and tried to duck under the bed but not in time. The massive snowball crashed through the wall taking Suzy with it. Around and round she rolled. “Help…help!”

Looking up from where I had dove for cover, I followed the carnage the gigantic snowball had left behind to see it rolling away with Suzi trapped in it’s icy grip. As dangerous as the situation was, I had to stifle a laugh as every with every rotation Suzi would appear, plastered spread eagle in the snow yelling “Help!” then just as suddenly disappear.

After the huge snowball crashed thru the far wall it came to an abrupt halt against the large tree that seems to put a stop to several of Suzi’s mishaps.

Quickly and carefully climbing over the wreckage, I stopped in front of the pixie who was still stuck fast in the snow. “Are you all right?” I reached down and pried her out, setting her on her feet, trying to not smile as she tried to catch her bearings.

Looking up at Heidi Suzi shook the snow off her wings. “Thank you,” she whispered. Looking back at the house a day the damage she once again accidentally caused. “Sorry for the mess.. I’ll get to fixing it right away.”

“I’ll help. While it isn’t exactly the best way to wake up in the morning, it was to say the least…entertaining,” I chuckled.

The End!!

Copyright 2016 Suzanne Carey & Heidi Barnes

Another Suzie the Pixie escapade. Like all of Suzie’s stories, what happens is not rehearsed and the only editing I do when I post it here is some formatting and maybe a few spelling errors that get past me and Suz. It is all done on Twitter and is spontaneous. So we can’t really say when the next excerpt will happen. Follow us at either @HeidiBarnes11 or @wlhealer7 to find out. You can also follow Suz here on WordPress at Suzanne Carey.




A Suzi Christmas – Pixie Adventures

“Christmas time!” Sang Suzy!! “Can’t wait to visit Heidi and give her her presents!”

She changes into her new female Santa suit, a velvet red dress with white fuzzy stuff around the bottom of the short skirt and the wrists of the sleeves. And of course the red hat! Slinging her green sack over her shoulder she decides to go down the chimney. Bad idea! Not able to see, she kept bouncing off the soot covered bricks and landed with a thud on her tiny little behind with a poof of ash.

“Oh jeez!”

Stepping out of the fireplace she flutter her wings and leaves a cloud of ash all over the white rug. Before she had a chance to look at the mess she made she spotted the tree.

“Oooooo! Shiny!!”

Fluttering around the tree, Suzi ooo’s and aaahs! Going into shiny overload she flys closer to the tree, forgetting she still had her sack in her hand. As she turns to look at yet another sparkly ornament her bag gets stuck in the string of lights and she can’t move. Giving the bag a tug it wasn’t moving so with both her hands and grabs the bag pulling with all her might. Unfortunately the line of lights are on pretty tightly and the tree starts to lose balance.

“Oh no!!”

Suzi flew out of the way just in time to prevent being crushed by the tree as it came crashing down. Ornaments breaking, bulbs popping and the tree started to smoke. Little flames starting breaking out  all over and Suzy felt a bit of panic set in.

“Heidi is going to kill me!”

Not knowing what else to do she conjures up a thunder clouds and makes it pour rain. Problem here is Suzy is still working on her controlling nature skills and the rain cloud that was just supposed the cover the tree covered the whole LR instead. Not only was there rain but there was lightning as well. Um.. Well at least the tree is no longer on fire. Realizing she is in big trouble Suzie flutters back into the fireplace and sits and waits for Heidi to come home…

In the kitchen, I quietly hum as I put together my favorite soup to ward off the chill. Thinking a fire would be nice, I start to taste the soup I freeze when I hear a resounding crash coming from deeper in the house. Frowning, I wonder what the cat got into when I smell smoke. Closing my eyes with a groan, hoping that I am wrong, I turn the soup down and quietly walk to the LR,  taste the soup I freeze when I hear a resounding crash coming from deeper in the house. Frowning, I wonder what the cat got into  when I smell smoke. Closing my eyes with a groan, hoping that I am wrong, I turn the soup down and quietly walk to the LR, silently praying I am wrong. Before I reach the doorway, water races towards me not unlike the waves on a lake shore. “What in  the world?” There is a clap of what sounds like thunder inside the house. Now really worried I hurry forward and freeze in the doorway. Eyes wide in disbelief, jaw on the floor, I looked around at the destruction before me. Everything is completely drenched. The tree is on it’s side smoldering. Broken glass of different colors litter the floor.

“What in the name of…” Then I see a dejected drooping black figure huddled near the fireplace. “Suzi?”

I start into the room only to be stopped by a lighting bolt hitting at my feet. Glaring at the black clouds swirling in the ceiling, I banish the with a wave of my hand. Hurrying over to the Pixie I kneel down in front of her.

“Are you all right?”

“Oh.. Hi Heidi. Downcast eyes she glances up between her eyelashes. “Um… I ya…” Starting to speak rapidly she tries to explain. But it’s not making much sense. “I’m really sorry.” Handing Heidi her little green sack, “I have presents!! “Merry Christmas Heidi!! I guess I made a bit of a mess, but I’ll clean it up right now!! Ok?”

Taking the tiny soot covered soaking wet sack between my fingers, I hold it up in front of me trying to not grimace. “Thank you.” Putting it to the side, I concentrate on Suzi. “Did you come down the chimney? You’re lucky I didn’t have fire going.”
“I did! I wanted to be like Santa,” rubbing her behind, “but the landing was a little rough! Digging into her pocket she sprinkles fairy dust on the green sack. It starts to grow filling up the fireplace.
A deep seated dread from past experiences with Suzi & pixie dust filling me, I stand and begin moving away from the expanding sack. “Do you think that is…wise?”

Suzi jumped up and down excitedly. Clapping her hands she scoots out of the way. “Look Heidi!! It’s a new car!!!
Pulling out her wand Suzy soon has the mess cleaned up. But feeling bad she decides to help get the car out of the LR. Wanting to see if it starts she waves her wand again and it starts right up. In her excitement she flicked her wand and.. CRASH!! The car drives through the LR and stops up against the big tree in the front yard. Hmmm. Good thing it’s sunny out!
Walking back into the LR, doing my best to ignore the car size hole in the wall of my house, I hand Suzi a long narrow box and a small velvet pouch. “It’s a new wand with the latest spells and a never-empty pixie dust pouch. I saw yours was becoming a little worn, so….”
“Oh Heidi thank you!! I can’t wait to try my new wand! Let me see if I can fix the wall!!” Pulling out her wand she cheerfully aims for the wall, “Merry Christmas Heidi!!”
“Merry Christmas Suzi!”

Suzi’s Birthday Present

I have a wonderful friend on Twitter that I love to have fun with when it comes to writing. Over the years, we have come up with a couple of characters that every once in a while peek their heads onto Twitter and take over our threads.

Mine comes from a character that I created in a Free Write Friday I used to do on Kellie Elmore’s website. She is a witch that lives in the forest by herself, which she likes it that way. Although she does not look a day over thirty, she is very old and is neither good or evil. Because she has been betrayed in the worst of ways, their are very few that she has let into her life or she trusts. Suzanne’s character is a pixie by the name of Suzi. Suzi always means well, but her magic is, shall we say, a little…unpredictable. Even so, Suzi has managed to worm her way into my character’s heart, even if at times the pixie exasperates her to no end.

What started out as Suzi waking me up early in the morning with exuberance and being very loud (I am NOT a morning person either in story or real life) has grown into a friendship and an actual story, which we should get back to writing someday.

So, it was my birthday last weekend and Suzi paid me a little visit. I have copied and pasted the entire thread onto here. Due to Twitter’s 140 character rule, I have edited a few words that were shortened and fixed the punctuation and format. Otherwise everything is the same as it was on Twitter.

So, enough from me. Here is Suzi’s Birthday Present


Suzi flutters into the living room with a small box in her hand. She quietly places it on the floor. Pursing her lips as she looks around, she decides she’ll need more room. Removing her wand, she gently sweeps all the furniture against the wall.

“Hmmm,” she says with a big smile. “That should do it.” Walking back to the small box she reaches in her pocket for her bag of pixie dust. “Now let me think. Is it one pinch or two?” She reaches in to take some out and the bag drops out of her hand and emptied out all over the box. “Oh my!” she exclaims and slowly flutters back woods as the box starts growing in size. In no time at all the box fills the entire room and Suzi is very close to being squished into the window. Just barely making it out in time, she flutters outside the house as the living room starts to groan and stretch from the pressure of the growing box.

“Oooooh no!! It gonna blow!!!” She exclaims in horror. “Take cover!” she yells as she ducks behind the nearest tree.

Just as thinks could not get any worse the house explodes! There left standing is a ginormous white box with a big red ribbon wrapped around it with a card that reads, “Happy birthday Heidi!”

“Oh jeez!” she sighs. “I don’t suppose she’ll want to open the box now. There was a pretty pink balloon I decorated by hand in there,” Suzi thought to herself. “I wonder how many there are now?”


Returning from the market, I slow to a stop, my mouth open, eyes wide as I survey the scene before me. There is a gigantic white box with a pink bow sitting among what is left of my living room, which is in shards around the meadow. Even the trees, who groan in n protest as sap weeps down their bark, have pieces of living room sticking out like small daggers. Somewhere, probably under the box, is my furniture….

Closing my eyes and counting to twenty, I take a deep breath, let it out slowly then opened them. “Suzi? Why is there a laarrgge box on my house?”

“Umm… Birthday present?” she relays sheepishly. “Wanna open it?”

“Sure…!” Praying for patience and the luck of the Irish, and every other charm that brings luck, I step towards the box and reach for the bow, gently tugging on it. It won’t budge.

“Here!” Suzi exclaims. “Let me help!!” Giving the ribbon a hard tug the lid flies open and thousands of pink hand decorated balloons come flying out!!

Gasping in awe, we watch them as most of them float up into the heavens, some staying near the ground so I can enjoy them.

“Thank you Suzi! They are beautiful!” I reach down to pick one up and examine it, loving the detail. “You really should be an artist.”

“Ummm, Heidi, you might want to put that down.” Suzi says looking up into the sky. As each balloon pops, fireworks explode.

My body freezes, the only things that work are my fingers, which let go of the balloon. Coming to my senses, I step away from the balloon before it explodes. Raising my unblinking eyes upwards, I watch the fireworks, careful to wave away any balloon that float my way.

“Very lovely,” I say my voice slightly strained. “Um, Suzi?

“Yes Heidi?”

“Be a dear and put my house back together exactly the way it was then heal the trees. I’ll start dinner. I got your favorite.” 🙂

“Yes Heidi. Oh.. And Heidi? Happy birthday!!

“Thank you, dear.” 😀

Hugs my friend!!


© 2015 Heidi Barnes & Suzanne Carey

What a little bit of morning fun can create

Sunday morning a twitter friend of mine decided she would say good morning to me by “(dripping water on your forehead and saying in a sing song voice) good morning Heidi!! ( now running like hell) ; D”. This was after yelling my name then quietly saying hello the morning before. It was ON!

As you must have guessed by now, I am a writer. We writers write, among other things, action sequences all the time. “Joe walked across the room, grabbed Lisa into his arms and kissed her as if she was the air he needed to breath.” This is how we let the reader know what is going on in the story. On Sunday, it bled out onto Twitter. I chased my friend with my super soaker 300S. (There was not enough room for the 300S part so this will be news to her 😉 ) I brought in help from another friend and we played a game of hunter and prey, with a little Elmer Fudd thrown in for good measure. Maybe this all sounds weird and silly to you, but if I can make someone’s day better, make someone laugh or inspire someone to write then it is all worth it. It’s also a blast! We were both laughing, her day was much better and someone new to me wrote a haiku based on our antics.

I could never create a haiku. It’s one of those elusive things and I have a huge amount of respect to those who can do it. Here is the one that was created for me Sunday morning by @HapRochelle.

a misty morning ~
the great northwest … slips away ~
a patient hunter
#forHeidi #haiku

He has graciously told me I can use this as I wish for it is mine. He has also posted it on his website on this page. Take a look around and see what else he as done. I also have him on my list on Twitter called Poetry Corner.

His words gave my muse something to grab onto and fly. Here is what I came up with from his wonderful haiku.

Nexus Desktop

Through misty night

Trees so tall

the hills roll on

silent footsteps fall.

The prey is quick



but hunters push on

their minds resolved.

This trickster light of foot

needs lessons taught.

Sleep is fleeting

so leave the sleepers untouched.

Retribution is high

it’s blood they seek.

Tonight will be done

no more tricks

they will sleep.

Copyright: Heidi Barnes

Thank you Hap for the inspiration! And thank you Suz for making my Sunday morning fun.