Denial – Daily Prompt

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What do you want from me?
I didn’t ask for this.
I didn’t ask for you!
Leave me be!

Walking through life
alone and free.
Happy in my plight
peaceful quiet nights.
In you walk
full of spitfire
A ray of sunshine
silence broken
laughter in the night

Why me?
Why not him
or her?
Anyone else
A companion make.
There is the dog!
Please go
for Godsakes!

What do you want from me?
Why can’t I breathe?
You’re coming closer….
don’t leave.


Copyright © 2017 Heidi Barnes


Prompt 2.23 by Suzanne Carey

…know me…don’t just see me with your eyes… Jay Asher Looking down from his golden tower, the King surveyed his newly acquired land. With a self satisfied smirk he thought about how easy it had been to manipulate the populous into believing his lies of creating a changed country and working for the people. Fools! he […]

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This is a very clever story by a friend of mind that is worth a read. If it were up to me I would call it Hear Me. 🙂


Desktop Nexus: Breathe

before it’s to late
allow the chaos to abate
I will wait
Whatever it takes
try to remember
when your world starts to break

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes