Are You Sure?

Mistakes made

Lessons learned

Time goes by

Memory fades

Stories told

Twist, change

Lessons once learned

Forgotten with age

Go ahead

I dare you

Poke the beast

It only sleeps

Poke the beast

Chains hold it in its keep

Poke the beast

See what arrogance brings

Poke the beast

It may be the last you see

© 2017 Heidi Barnes

Drums Beating in the Night

Drums beating in the night
Thrumming through the walls
Beating in time with my heart
Strengthening duty’s call.
Drums beating in the night
Heralding enemy untold
Striking dread into the soldiers
Telling of death that waits to unfold.
Drums beating in the night
Pounding in time with steel and might.
Drums beating in the night
When sudden silence speaks
In the dawn we will fight.
To go into history
Brave and valiant soldiers be
To save loved ones
To assure they are free
From those who’s beliefs and might
Give them convictions blight
That only their ways are virtuous and precise.
That those who stray
From path straight and true
Need to be punished
For thoughts deemed impure.
Drums beating in the dawn
Earth shattering, strong.
The battle begins
In a war no one will win.
Drums beating in the dawn
When will the madness end?
When will we put down our swords
And put peace into living words?

~ © 2015 Heidi Barnes


No Strings Attached

I see you beside me
one I once called friend.
Our differences too large
the chasm between us wide and deep.
The world survival depends on heroes
to keep peace divine,
but when hero’s are divided
peace will falter,
stumble and fall.
With stealth and cunning
our foes rise up,
take advantage of weakness
use distrust to cleave alliances,
and the world crumbs
while spirits are crushed.
The ultimate chaos rises in the flames,
with smugness bore from triumphant
“I am free,
and I have no strings
on me.”

Inspired by the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer

Vows in the Dark

Image: Desktop Nexus Warrior
Image: Desktop Nexus
I wait,
tomorrow a lifetime away.
Promises made in the dark,
with light brings knowledge. 
As reality sets in
will vows in the dark
make it to heaven’s gate
while demons still wage war,
abandoned to fate?
As sun rises
and the hordes descend,
what darkness holds
warm and safe
fades away to cold.
Swords brought forth hiss,
sparks fly
as metal hits.
When all seems lost,
the sun setting in the west,
I look desperately for a sign
that this war is to end.
High above
on hilltop horizon
a lone figure watches,
waiting to be noticed.
Eyes meet mine,
and I know,
his vows are true,
the horde’s reign is at an end.
The horizon darkens
as figures appear,
lining hilltop, sun light glinting
on armor, swords and spears.
With battle cry roaring
they descend into the fray,
with renewed vigor and smile of triumph
I return to battle as day ends.
With defeat imminent,
the hordes flee into the night,
the day is won,
heaven’s gates stand strong.
~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

A Story Unfinished Part 4…..

The fight goes on

no end in site.

Neither side willing to give,

neither one wishing respite.

Too many years

spent in blood and pain,

no other way that they know.

Why should we give up what we’ve gained,

why end this war in shame?

Pride is a wicked thing.

Always pushing,

always pestering.

Never give up!

or you will be perceived weak.

Never cry!

or others will mock you.

Always be at your best,

the top,

number one.

Never let them win….

but when is enough enough?

When do you finally say I give?

When everything is gone?

When there is no life to be seen

and the world is destroyed?

When will you choose life over death?


 ~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

A Story Unfinished…. ~ Part 3

Treason they yell,


Questions asked,

answers demanded.

None will be given

for the accused have fled.

To where impossible to know.

Space is vast,


It will not give up its secrets easily.

Safe they will remain

while injuries heal.

Forgiveness given,

bond shared strengthen

with touch and promises mete.

Hunted by all,

two sides united in one cause.

Find those who betrayed

trust and law.

Yet one thing remains

the power that be

in their relentless single-mindedness

will never understand,

what war rips asunder

love can heal jagged edges,

uniting that what was once broken.

So run they must,

hidden in the stars,


quietly working to end

senseless waste.

Until reason is seen

and hostility ceases.

And so they begin….

A Story Unfinished…. ~ Part 2

Blood on his hands,

on his soul.

permanently stained.

To love was to be free

yet shackles of war are too strong.

Binding, chafing,

strangling life as we know it,

tearing hearts and souls apart.

Screams bring pain,

tears have no relief.

To turn away

will betray fragile trust

so watch he must

as his love is destroyed.

Unable to stand no more

he stops the torture,

praying he is not too late.

The room clears,

silence grows thick.

Eyes of glass watch closely,


wondering what devilery this is.

Faint rasps of breath spur motion.

Alliances forgotten

only one thing remains,

to be true to his heart

the consequences be damned.

Eyes watch the tender scene,

narrowing as suspicion proves true,

a traitor amongst them,

one of power and strength.

Tread carefully they must

if victory is to be obtain.

So they wait…