Too Many Words

Chaos reigns inside my head People, places, phrases Jumbled into one Big Mess I try to untangle Piece together two by two Only to snarl them further Until nothing but emptiness Remains Copyright 2017 Heidi Barnes

The Power of Words

They are just words to tell a story, sing a song. They are just words, to lift you up make you strong. They are just words sharp as glass scars will forever last. They are just words once said never forgotten. They are just words choose wisely judgment unforgiving when the mirror you gaze.

Words, words, words…..

Words, words, more words Tumbling around in my head. Begging to be written Begging to be said. How do I sleep Think, eat With all these words Battling to escape? Help me to find A way to set them free, Help me find Peace, serenity.