Do I Know You?

Do I know you?
You seem familiar.
As I stare into your eyes
so clear
I know somewhere,
I have seen those eyes
that sees into my soul,
laying everything bare
at your feet.

Do I know you?
Oh, this is so ridicules!
I mean,
I have heard of this.
Others meeting someone,
someone they have never met before
yet somehow instantly recognize.
They call it
love at first at sight.
But that is only in fairy tales
None of it is real…
is it?

Do I know you?
Have we met before?
At some party,
some other place
Can it really be true?
That we live other lives,
each one a new experience
a new lesson,
yet in those lives there is that one person,
that one soul,
who will always follow us,
waiting for that moment
when they finally find the one they seek.
Is it always like this?
So sudden,
so unexpected,

Do I

Copyright: Heidi Barnes

This was from a dream I had a while back. One where my family member that had passed on were all there. But there was one person who I did not know yet they were very familiar. Like I should know them. This poem comes from that feeling of knowing and comfort even though you may have not ever seen them before.

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