Secret Dreams

One steplong, silkyblack as night.All eyes turnbreath stills.Eyes hooded,blood red lipssmile.She is nightShe is desireShe is all men's dreamsdeep in the darknesswhere secrets liewaiting for a sparkto set them afire.Slight shift,tongues slowly slidewetting lipssuddenly dry.Full of possibilitiesunknown danger.Who will fallprey to a strangersdesire.

Love’s Sacrifice – part 13 Hold On

Love's sacrifice, never forgotten always in my heart. My promise, my vow to you I recite. I will find what was lost defeat endless night. Darkness will retreat to the light. All I ask through eternities might is that you fight for life, that you hold on to hope with both hands tight. *Laughter maniacal chilling. Accepting …

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