We Heart It
We Heart It

We fight for what is right.

We fight for hope of all living kind.

We fight for the right to choose our own destinies.

We fight for life,

And most of all

We fight for love,

But what if it is not enough?

What if, in the end,

What we fight for is not what we thought?

What if the cost is too great?

What if….

In the fight for freedom

We lose that which is most important.


Do we lay down our arms?

Let those who seek to control

All they see, all they know,

Take what is not rightfully theirs?

In your arms the horrors around us

Cannot touch me.

I am safe for you are my strength,

My soul,

As I am yours.

As long as you are by my side

Together can withstand anything thrown at us.





All will crumble into dust.

Hope will win out

And those who oppose us

Will crawl back into the darkness whence they came.

No longer burning with rage

But weak with the despair they sought to give.

We shall rise triumphant.

Our wounds will heal,

Our hearts mend.

We will make sure that those who wish to dominate

Will never again step foot on our land,

Or the hell they wish to descend upon us

Will be returned tenfold,

Because our hope

Our strength

Our love

Will always be stronger.

In the end

We will always prevail.


~ © 2013 Heidi Barnes


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