Grief Consumes

Image: We Heart It
Image: We Heart It

I reach for you

you are no longer there.

I call for you

but you no longer answer.

The cold seeps in

as darkness surrounds me.

Voices in the shadows

call to me

begging me to come home

but I can’t.

There is no home for me

not without you.

The light begs to come in

seeping through the dark

breaking the cocoon keeping the pain out.

I will not let it in.

I am safe here

I will wait here

I will…..

4 thoughts on “Grief Consumes

  1. Lindsay

    Such a Sad Poem What`s sadder is so many people feel this way Alone Unloved Deserted .The world and life can be beautiful if loved and fulfilled.So empty and deserted if unloved & no purpose.My heart is crying for people so Alone

    1. Just don’t ignore the pain, or push it aside. I have found if you face it a little at a time, work through it, then tackle another piece of that pain the light will come back in. It just takes time.

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