Acceptance Heals

Image ~ We Heart It Hope
Image ~ We Heart It

Time has passed

the memories are still clear

but they do not cut as they once did,

taking me to my knees.

My tears are dry

my heart while not whole

is healing.

I know it is not your fault

I know somewhere in the great plan

this was meant to be,

and while that does not make the hurt any less

it does help me understand.

Accept that it was your time

and my time is not yet.

I have things I still need to do

before I join you.

Do I still miss you?


Does the pain still cripple me?


Do I still love you?

With all my heart!

Will I ever see you again?

I have to believe or all is lost.

So with you in my heart

I move forward,

take the next step on my journey,

my life.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

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