Again, Why?


Driving rain
beating down on me.
Yet here I sit.
Why am I here?
Why didn’t I go where
it is warm and dry?
Looking up the rain stings,
little needles in my eyes.
It does not deter me.
I want warmth!
Spreading my wings
I launch into the air,
seeking that which I desire.
I know it is here.
Just a little further I will…
* * *
When I wake I am disoriented.
Wasn’t I just flying?
Looking around I see….
How did I get here
with the dirt and leaves?
Carefully I wobble to my feet.
As the world clears
so does understanding.
A tree looms before me.
High above
feathers still cling,
strangely in the shape of
Shaking what feathers are left
into place,
I realize the rain has stopped,
I am warm and dry.
Mission accomplished,
yet in retrospect
the sting of the rain
may not have been so bad
compared to the sudden stop
and drop
of a tree.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

The picture is a prompt on Kellie Elmore’s Website from January 10, 2013 for her FWF (Free Write Fridays). I had missed this one and saw the picture on the bottom of last weeks prompt. It spoke to me so I decided to give it a try. I have been late before, but never this late!! LOL Go take a look at the other entries. There are some very talented writers and poets taking part in this fun exercise.

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