A Dark Place

I come from a dark place
deep in my soul
where visions of demons
haunt me,
their cries of desperation,
for freedom to wreak havoc
on the unsuspecting
drowning out good intentions.
To fight is agony
to win a hollow victory.
How do I keep going?
Why should I keep fighting?
Tell me, please,
because I am losing
this war within.
Please help me
before I drown in
desperations sin.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

I’m not sure where these dreams I am having are coming from, but geez!

13 thoughts on “A Dark Place

    1. Thank you. I’m just wondering where it’s coming from. Must be one of my characters channeling through me. It’s happened before. Bit creepy. lol

      1. I know that feeling. Last summer, when I was in the middle of my epic writing phase of the “Geographical Escape” saga, I was obsessed with the central character in the story. He was invading all of my thoughts, dreams and any other place he could find!

      2. I’m not even sure which character this one is. Might be a new one trying to push his/her way forward, or maybe one I read about last night in the book I’m reading….

      3. A writer once told me that a drive-thru teller in Miami (in the 1980’s no less) served as inspiration for the main character in one of his short stories that was just recently published!

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