Through Shadow and Mist

I walk through shadow and mist

my eyes open to darkness,

my heart broken,


with endless torment.

I read the sands of time

to see mistakes

deniably not mine,

yet my life they intertwine.

Unavoidable pain

inflicted with malice,

indifferent to others,

cold and calculated,



I hear a voice

soft yet clear

insistent in its message.

Forgiveness is redemption

redemption is peace.

But peace is elusive

when pain is so near,

even time does not heal

that which was ripped away,

so violently extinguished.


Faith is not broken

for life circles

never ending the course

souls partake.

I hear a voice,

soft yet clear,

I am never far

my heart to yours.

We will meet again

in time and place,

together forever

our souls one do make.

 ~ © Heidi Barnes



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