Breathe before it's to late Breathe allow the chaos to abate Breathe I will wait Breathe Whatever it takes try to remember when your world starts to break Breathe Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Keep Moving

Bruised, battered, broken, and still you rise from the ashes of defeat to fight another day. Courage has nothing to do with determination. We all have demons, we all at one time feel lost, even if we do not admit it to others to ourselves. Take a moment process, heal, catch your breath. I will …

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I Will Survive

  Fluid in movement Reaching towards the heavens Searching for something Elusive Praying for miracles Never to be given Weeping in the darkness While flames lick my skin Scorching Burning away sins unnamed Chaos threatening to Overwhelm Turning away Spurning love Unworthy While secretly yearning Whispering in dawn awakening Despite odds overwhelming No time left …

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