Sweet Words Devil’s Work

I ask you
why do you persist?
I ask you
Why do you resist?

You tell me
this is my choice by right
You tell me
this is my soul’s plight

I wonder
do you see the truth
I wonder
does ignorance bleed youth

You follow
walking blindly into darkness
You follow
walking where evil harkens

I see
the danger ahead
I see
the traps they set

You don’t hear
evil’s lies
You don’t hear
angel’s cries

Evil dressed as good
is still evil under the hood
Be careful of sweet words
that pull you into the devils work.

© Copywrite 2021 Heidi Barnes

Someone Dies Tonight

Witches scream
fires bright
someone will die tonight.
Chaos reigns
while demons play
there is only one god tonight.
Devil spawn
chant deep magic
as shadows stretch in firelight
dark secrets revealed,
someone will die tonight
Struggling, pleading
deaf ears it falls
Crying out to a god
with words they were taught
who seems to care naught.
You are naïve,
they say
You have hope where hope is no more,
they say.
Give in
give him
your undying devotion
your hope
your soul.
Give him everything you are
you were
will be,
no one will die tonight.
One last chance
one last phrase,
no one will die tonight.
Silence ensues
breath held tight,
cracking flame breaks the night
With one last word
one last phrase,
someone died tonight.

© 2021 Heidi Barnes

Light in the Darkness

It seems to come in spurts. Loss is never easy, but when you lose more than one person in a short period of time it’s hard to see the light for the darkness.

In the town where I grew up, in a twenty-four hour period there has been a loss of three people that have touched many lives. One of them a classmate of mine. Suddenly mortality is front and center. If someone I knew as a child, is the same age as I am, is now gone. When will it be my time? When will I suddenly not be here? Makes one stop and think, have I done everything I want to do? Have I told those that I love that I love them recently? Another is a classmates mother. That is luckily something I have not gone through yet, but at the moment scares me. I am not ready to lose a parent. It was hard enough when my grandmother passed.

I know this is slightly depressing for the holidays, but even though loss  can be devastating, can surround you with darkness and pain, the light is always there. You just need to look for it, search high and low until you see a glimmer and then hold on for all it’s worth. Even though it can feel like it, life does not end, it does not stop just because a loved one has moved on. You must still live yours. Do it as best as you can. Where the pain never really goes away, and it can come back and knock you to your knees unexpectedly, it does become manageable.

There is light in the darkness. Find it and live on.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes


Desktop Nexus: Breathe

before it’s to late
allow the chaos to abate
I will wait
Whatever it takes
try to remember
when your world starts to break

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Keep Moving

Desktop Nexus: Surrender

and still you
rise from the ashes
of defeat to fight
another day.
Courage has nothing to do
with determination.
We all have demons,
we all at one time feel
even if we do not admit it to others
to ourselves.
Take a moment
catch your breath.
I will not judge or criticize
It is not my place.
All I ask is that,
in time,
you pick yourself up,
brush off the dust that is your pain
and try again.
Never forget
never diminish
what you have endured.
It will make you who you are.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes



Desktop Nexus: Frozen Live

Don’t tell me how I should live.
Don’t judge me because of how I feel,
how I pray,
how I see the world,
how I live.
Don’t think that your words
are all that there is.
I am who I am.
If you do not like what you see,
I will not keep you
if you do not want to stay.
Just remember,
your actions,
your words
will tell who you are,
how you feel,
how you live.
Sooner or later you will have to answer
for all that you have done,
It will not be I who judge you,
but you will
in the end
be judged.
I know I am not perfect,
I have flaws.
We all do.
I can live with most of mine.
Can you?

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Daily Prompt: Witness

via Daily Prompt: Witness

“What can I say that you don’t already know? You were there. You saw what happened. I’m not sure what help I can be at this point.” Teresa threw up her hands in exasperation, turned and paced away.

“Ever little bit helps,” Tom said gently. He knew he had to tread carefully or he would lose her, and he desperately needed her help if he wanted to do this. Taking a step towards Teresa he tried again. “It was early morning. You heard a noise and went outside to investigate….” He waited patiently for her to finish the story.

Sighing as if her bones were weary, Teresa dropped her hands to her side. “I didn’t see anything at first and was about to go back inside when the sun broke over the mountains and…,” she hesitated. It was so unbelievable that after all this time and God only knew how many tellings she still could not believe what she had seen. Looking up into Tom’s eyes, letting the desperation and awe she was feeling fill them, she whispered, “Could it be true? Could they really exist?”

“I want to believe they do,” Tom said quietly, taking another step towards her. When he was close enough that she had to look up at him, he gently cupped her face. “What we witnessed…. It was a miracle.”

“Or a curse,” Teresa muttered placing her forehead on his chest. “Everyone thinks we are crazy.”

Tom smiled. “Not more so than usual.”

Teresa could not stop the laughter that broke through her tears. Once she gained control, she looked up at Tom, the awe returning to her face.

“They really do exist, don’t they,” she breathed.

“Yes, they do,” Tom whispered solemnly.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes


Lost – writing prompt 2.2

Joe Hesch
Source: Joe Hesch

Paper thin
tattered around the edges.
The straight and true
float in the breeze
unaware of dangers,
the mighty are pleased.
Misty sails
break free of the night.
The dawn brings peril,
we fight at twilight.
Bring home our sailors,
the far away plead.
Don’t leave us stranded
we beg of thee.
Days turn into nights,
the gulls take flight.
Lost and despair
What shall we do?
How will be stay alive?
Pick and choose,
who lives
who dies.
Fate wins out.
Help has arrived.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is from a writing prompt on Writing Outside the Lines. I wasn’t sure about this poem, but it is what came to me when I saw the feather and began to write. Hope you enjoy.

I Will Survive

beautiful ballet
Source: Desktop Nexus ‘Beautiful Ballet’


Fluid in movement
Reaching towards the heavens
Searching for something
Praying for miracles
Never to be given
Weeping in the darkness
While flames lick my skin
Burning away sins unnamed
Chaos threatening to
Turning away
Spurning love
While secretly yearning
Whispering in dawn awakening
Despite odds overwhelming
No time left
Decision made
I will fight
I will be victorious
I will survive

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes


Can I help you?
I’m not sure. I don’t think anyone can help me.
Why do you say that?
Because, I am beyond help.
No one is beyond help.
I am….
The silence deepens.
Why don’t you tell me what is wrong.
You would not believe me.
Try me.
Sighing, I comply.
I have done something terrible. Something no decent person would ever do.
And that is?
I have lost faith.
In what?
Again there is silence.
I don’t understand.
I have lost faith in the world, the universe, especially in mankind. There is so much pain, so much suffering, killing, and for what? Because we are different. We act, we believe, we see things differently therefore we should be exterminated. It does not make sense to me. Why? Why do others think they are better than me? Aren’t we all made the same? Are  we not all made of flesh and blood and bones? So what if our skin is a different color, or our eyes or hair. So what if we believe in a different god or a way of living. Why does that mean I must be punished? What makes you better than me?
This time the silence drags on longer until I fear there is no answer.
It is fear that pushes people to do those things. Fear of the unknown, of the unexplainable. Fear of something different than what we are. That fear leads to anger of the fact they cannot change what is. So since they cannot change, they destroy. There is still good in people. Not everyone feels this need. It is the few that make it difficult for the many. Do not lose hope or faith. In the end justice will prevail.
And until then?
That is your choice. Live how you feel is right and love those who love you in return for they are who truly matter.
Do I turn the other cheek when someone hurts me and mine?
That is up to you. Only you can determine when it is time to retaliate. When the wrong done to you is enough that you must answer the call to avenge your loved ones, your beliefs, yourself. Just remember that it is you who will look in the mirror and judge the harshest. Make sure what ever it is you decide that, in the end, you can live with that decision. Until then, be safe, be strong, and above all, be happy.

Copyright 2015 Heidi Barnes

A lot of the times it starts with one sentence and blooms into many words. I don’t always know where they come from. All I know is they must be written. I have not lost faith, but there are times I do wonder, why?