Image: Desktop Nexus

Image: Desktop Nexus

Light flashes in the night

Booming thunder shakes the house

Pounding rain fills the air

Rivers gorge on its wealth

Rushing, churning

Taking everything in its path

In careless abandonment

To paces unknown.

The quiet is deafening

As the storm spent passes on

Hesitantly, one by one, birds call out

As if afraid to bring natures wraith

Upon them.

Air so clean and bright

Sun peaks its rays in the night

Dawn brings a new day

Birds sing with glee as seeds poke their heads

Through soil drenched in love.

Life renews and continues on

Paths set out before

Those ready to learn lessons

Until time grows short and darkness descends

Asleep until called again to being anew.


 ~ © Heidi Barnes


7 thoughts on “Anew

  1. WOW I So Love This Poem It perfectly paints the transition from a thunderous storm to the calmness after the storm passes.

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