Grass, grass and more grass.

Summer is here with a vengeance. It’s suppose to be 93F today. Bleh! While I like heat, that is a bit too much heat, and it won’t help my new grass any.

I know I haven’t blogged in a while about my garden, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. After weed & feeding, putting lime and a layer of 1/2 & 1/2 mix of compost and sand down on the spots that can’t seem to grow grass if it’s life depended on it, we seeded the entire lawn. Then commenced the watching, waiting and endless watering. Of course once we laid the seed, it turned 85F and the rain that never seem to end came in sporadic spurts. Go figure! 😛 After a month and some change, we now have grass in areas that haven’t had grass in a long time. A lot of that had to do with the fir trees. Needles do not help growth of grass. In fact, it can kill it. That and not enough sun. Now that the trees on one side of the house are gone we have lots of sun and a lot less needles.

Before: This is an area I weeded and meant to seed last year.
After: Finally seeded, it’s looking a lot better.
Before: There are dead spots in the yard.
Dead spots gone!

As you can see, there are still some areas that need to grow. Those are the areas that have a lot of sun and were hard to keep wet when we were working all day. I figure we’ll put seed down this fall and see what happens. Although, as I was mowing the lawn the other day, I realized something. I have added a 1/4 again the grass I once had, so more to mow. Maybe I should have thought this through a bit more….. 😐

The rest of the yard is finally coming under control. It was hard to get out there with all the rain. Although, I did go out in the rain a couple of times. I figured, why not? If I didn’t I’d still be under the weeds.

We just had some of the fir trees limbed up because they were too close to the house, and a couple taken out behind the shed because they were dying. The down side, what was once shaded and so planted for shade is now in the afternoon sun. I can hear the plants cursing me now. 😛

SUN!! Well, there will be this afternoon.
There is a Hemlock missing and the other two trees have been limbed up about 10 feet so they are off the roof of the house.

Well, that’s all for now. Summer is just beginning and there is lots more to do.

Have a wonderful day. 🙂

Poetry – writing prompt

Source: Unknown

Crisp clean lines

Scrawled across the paper

Images of beauty


Death and renewal

What ends

Will begin again

Different in all but one

No matter how long you fight it

Rant and rave against it

Ignore what is so plain to see

Life moves forever forward

Do not dismiss the beauty around you

Revel in it

For tomorrow is another day

The beauty different

Wonders to take in


Put to paper

What the eye sees

The soul feels

And the heart hears

Be it a sweet song

Or tradgey

Copyright © 2017 Heidi Barnes

This is from a prompt on Writing Outside the lines


Do not judge what you cannot see
What lies at the surface
is only the beginning
It’s what lies underneath
that counts
It’s what lies underneath
that is joyful
in pain
Do not judge what you cannot see
unless you want to be judge
so callously

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Vacation Time


This is my view this morning. Literally! I put my surface on the table, pulled up the camera and took a picture. Can you get any better than this? Nope. Earlier this morning I sat out in those chairs in my pjs and shawl with my coffee and watched the birds fly by while a sea otter poked its head out of the smooth water every so often as it played. A crane flew in and sat on one of the boats to take a nap. The neighbors were reading their boat to go crabbing out in the islands as others went by in the channel. The Olympic Mountains were a shadowed in a hazy cloudbank, and the state ferries went back and forth in front of them on their runs into the San Juan Islands and up to Victoria, BC. Only a few small clouds drifted by, but down on land there was barely a breeze. Perfect morning. Even got some journal writing done. My husband was at this very table doing a report for work that needed to be done and you know what? That was okay, because it meant I could sit here and enjoy the scenery. Eventually I went inside, got dressed, ate breakfast, came back out and read, went back in and did a few dishes. Now I’m back out here writing this blog and staring out at the view.

I grew up spending summers here. My grandparents bought the land when my mom was a little girl, so it’s been in the family for a long time, and I hope to keep it even longer. My oldest loves to come up here. It’s probably his favorite place in the world. I can’t blame him. It’s mine too. Full of memories of family reunions and sleepovers. I would bring friends over here for my birthday. Since it’s in August the weather was usually nice. We would sleep in what is now the shed. It used to be the cabin, once upon a time. The A-frame that is here now was built when I was about nine years old. A long time ago, but I do remember being in the older cabin. It had one of those split doors so Grandma could open the top and see what was going on or yell at us. For the most part we were good kids, but we did have our moments. LOL

I probably should get started on some editing. It will be hard to with this view, because no matter how many times I sit and stare at it, it never gets old. Especially on days like today.

 Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Garden update #3

Yes, it’s been a while since I have updated my gardening posts. That does not mean we have been idle! Just busy with real life. Like, the end of school. It’s now out for summer so I will have more time to do gardening and editing (which I need to get busy with!) and work on my online presence that has been almost nonexistent. Also some big birthday milestones. Hubby is now 50 and my youngest is 21. (Gah!) Also have had some graduation parties in there. The yardwork is getting done, just not in a timely manner. lol

As you probably have noticed I didn’t not put ‘pathway update’ because I’ve also been working on the rest of the backyard. Here are a few before and after pictures. I wish they would go side by side, but putting the caption on them seems to not allow that.






I’m hoping the Barberry survives. It’s late in the season to be moving plants and this one was pretty big. I had to have my son help hold it up why I put the dirt around the roots. I tried to do it by myself and quickly/painfully realized that was not going to work. 😛

The grass is slowly coming in. I don’t think we will use the type of seed we did again. It sort of works like hydro-seeding in that it has peat moss in it. You lay the seed, water it and it sort of explodes with the peat moss. It’s the best way I can describe it. It also seemed to be too compact so didn’t come in as quickly as the regular see with fertilizer we used.

Here are some pictures I took this morning of the pathway and the garden behind the patio. We are not done with the backyard yet, but I need to now concentrate on the front because it is looking rather neglected and that is what everyone sees.

DSCN3814 DSCN3816 DSCN3818 DSCN3819 DSCN3821 

Well, I should be getting back outside before it gets too hot. It’s suppose to be 100F this weekend and that is not something I want to work outside in :S It’s so weird. My friends in Texas are underwater and we haven’t had a good rain for three months so are bone dry!

Have a great week! 🙂



Image: Desktop Nexus
Image: Desktop Nexus

Light flashes in the night

Booming thunder shakes the house

Pounding rain fills the air

Rivers gorge on its wealth

Rushing, churning

Taking everything in its path

In careless abandonment

To paces unknown.

The quiet is deafening

As the storm spent passes on

Hesitantly, one by one, birds call out

As if afraid to bring natures wraith

Upon them.

Air so clean and bright

Sun peaks its rays in the night

Dawn brings a new day

Birds sing with glee as seeds poke their heads

Through soil drenched in love.

Life renews and continues on

Paths set out before

Those ready to learn lessons

Until time grows short and darkness descends

Asleep until called again to being anew.


 ~ © Heidi Barnes