I See You

I keep having a phrase play over and over in my head. “I see you.” It has many meanings to different people. I can literally mean I see you, as in I see you standing in front of me. Or, as in the movie Avatar “I see you” loosely translated means “I love you” or “I see you for who you are”. I have already used this phrase in a poem, a micropoetry, but it will not leave me. It keeps haunting me. As if it has more to say, but how to say it without repeating myself?

I see you
through the misty rain.
I see you
as you are when you are plain…

Well, that is what is off the top of my head and seems familiar. Like I’ve written it before. (Also not really good. :P) So, why does this phrase haunt me? Maybe it is trying to tell me that I am not done, that there is more to this simple phrase. So I ask you, when you think “I see you” what comes to mind?

I see you through mist and time.
I see you as if you were mine. 
Although you walk with another’s hand,
I know in time you will understand
that even though he claims you as his
the truth will come to light,
his lies exposed,
his well of sins.
Then you will look upon my face
see me for my true self,
see the love and devotion within.
I see you,
will you see me?
For eternity awaits
for a love without end.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

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