Words That Haunt My Writing

As a writer, I am always learning. What words work, what don’t. Does that comma really belong there, or should I leave it out? Better yet, should I put one there? Then there are certain words that always make me stumble.

Then…than. It’s a work in progress to remember which one to use and to not overuse them.

Slide…slid, your…you’re.  These are more I know which is which, it is just my fingers don’t always type what my mind says. Then when I edit I miss them.

Just! (Which I just used in the above sentence. LOL) This word isn’t needed most of the time and needs to be deleted.

Up. For some reason I also use this word when it isn’t needed. “We went up to the door and opened it” when “We went to the door and opened it” is so much cleaner.

There are a few more, but the ones I have recently realized I over use are get, got, getting and gotten. There are so many other words that would fit and sound better than ‘get’. For instance, “I get it” would work, however “I understand” sounds a bit more sophisticated in my mind. “When we get there” sound  better as “When we arrive”.

Maybe I’m being picky, but as I re read one of my stories I have decided I need to ‘get’ rid of a few of those words. Editing, a never ending process that even when you think are done there is more to do. Sigh….

© 2015 Heidi Barnes

4 thoughts on “Words That Haunt My Writing

  1. Lindsay

    Heidi I Get Your Point but You Know What ? I Think Your a Words Smith of the Highest order.I Love Your Writing and Poetry and always look forward to new Posts.

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