New Years Resolution…or Not

It is the beginning of the new year and the tradition is to make a resolution that we are expected to keep through out the year. I have made my fair share. All the usual. Lose weight, do more outside, lose weight. Where I still need to lose that weight, making a road map on how much I will lose and how I will do it seems never to work. It would be as if I wrote an outline for a story idea. I have tried this, and every time the story just stops a few pages into the beginning. My muse cannot work under the pressure of following a certain path that has been laid out for her. I have a beginning and an ending, but how I arrive at that ending is a mystery I find out along the way. And many times it changes the ending. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But what is important is that it all works in the end.

So I have decided this year not to make a resolution. That I would live my life as best as I can every day without the constant little voice in the back of my head telling me which way I am suppose to travel. Will I lose the weight? It is a distinct possibility, but I can live with it.

Have a happy new year and if you have made resolutions I wish you all the luck and joy of reaching them. I will see you in the days to come.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution…or Not

  1. Lindsay

    Hi Heidi Happy New Year ! As far as Resolutions Go Don`t be too hard on yourself. Try to cut out all the sugar from your food including anything with white sugary and honey. Not fruit which has lots of nutrients. Also cut out all baked goods such as white bread muffins cakes pies the like. Stick to multi grain bread. Start walking every day. Not too far at the beginning but each week add some distance.You can do it Heidi !

    1. You’re not asking much from a carb addict are you. Lol I have cut a lot of those things out, although I refuse to cut honey out. It has good qualities too. It’s more the exercise, which is on the list to do more of.

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