Choices and Balance

In everything, there is a beginning and an end.

Even great mountains rise and fall as time continues to roll on.

Within that time, a delicate balance must be maintained
or all will fall into chaos and ruin.

The universe is no different.

Among the chaos of creation there is still a semblance of balance,
or nothing would be able to form, to grow, to endure.

But what keeps that balance?

Is it divine force, or just chance?

Is it strong and sure,
or just holding on by a thread that is ready to break at any moment?

Do we have centuries, years,
or days before the life we know ends as suddenly as it began?

Is it as simply as a choice between good or evil, right or wrong, love or hate.

Or is it as simple as choosing it embrace both,
because without one the other does not exist.

Copyright 2107 Heidi Barnes


Unable to put into words what you see? Try this trick.

If you are having a hard time putting down the visual you see your mind, close your eyes, immerse yourself in the scene and then type. Don’t worry about mistakes. Don’t worry about wording. Just write what you see in as much detail as you can. When done, open your eyes, fix the spelling errors (there will probably be a lot!) then edit. It is amazing how easy it is to put down in words what you see in your mind when there are no distractions from what is around you.

I See Colors

I see colors
all shapes and sizes
floating near then far.
I wander aimlessly
grabbing bits and pieces
trying to be cohesive,
just as easily slipping away.

Words are liquid
flowing aimlessly downstream.
Mixing and mingling
for my eye to see.
I pick out a phrase,
a sentence, a name,
each part of a puzzle
the ending yet a haze.

Life is joy,
pleasure, pain.
Never knowing which turn
will bring chaos or serene.
Take a breath,
see what lays ahead
for behind is what was,
today a beginning
of a new thread.

~ © Heidi Barnes

This poem came to me as I was driving home from work. I quickly jotted down the first lines, but as those lines came they were not  in order. It’s the way my mind is working lately. Random thoughts, easily distracted from the task at hand. And once that distraction takes hold, I am lost to it. Usually a scenario or like today a poem. Whether these pieces all fit together for one meaning is up to you. For me, I started in chaos and colors and ended with a new thread. Have a beautiful day.

Words That Haunt My Writing

As a writer, I am always learning. What words work, what don’t. Does that comma really belong there, or should I leave it out? Better yet, should I put one there? Then there are certain words that always make me stumble.

Then…than. It’s a work in progress to remember which one to use and to not overuse them.

Slide…slid, your…you’re.  These are more I know which is which, it is just my fingers don’t always type what my mind says. Then when I edit I miss them.

Just! (Which I just used in the above sentence. LOL) This word isn’t needed most of the time and needs to be deleted.

Up. For some reason I also use this word when it isn’t needed. “We went up to the door and opened it” when “We went to the door and opened it” is so much cleaner.

There are a few more, but the ones I have recently realized I over use are get, got, getting and gotten. There are so many other words that would fit and sound better than ‘get’. For instance, “I get it” would work, however “I understand” sounds a bit more sophisticated in my mind. “When we get there” sound  better as “When we arrive”.

Maybe I’m being picky, but as I re read one of my stories I have decided I need to ‘get’ rid of a few of those words. Editing, a never ending process that even when you think are done there is more to do. Sigh….

© 2015 Heidi Barnes

I sit,
staring at the words written on my paper,
needing to read them
yet unable to put those words together.
My mind is in turmoil,
jumping from one subject
To another,
unable to settling on one thing.
I must concentrate,
I must finish what I started
or all will be lost.
Pushing aside stray thoughts
I concentrate on the page before me
and nothing happens.
Sighing I try again.
A few words, phrases, become clear
and then they are gone again.
I must finish what I started!
Yet others interject
ruining concentration
wanting to be heard.
Giving up I find pen and paper.
I put those words that will not give me peace
on the paper,
hoping that in purging my mind I can once again return to the task at hand.
Will I succeed?
Will I become master once again,
or will the floodgates be open
and like water once started,
can never be harnessed again.
~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes


Image: Desktop Nexus
Image: Desktop Nexus

I fly with confidence

only time provides,

soaring among the clouds

the sun warm against my hair.

Below green and blue

spread far and wide.

A testament to life

as it quietly resides.


A soft breeze gentle kiss

soothingly cool to day’s hot breath.

Yet one subtle shift

and everything fixed

is suddenly adrift.

Life giving,

life changing,



leisurely making its way.

Clearing a path

wide with destruction.

The devil’s sashay.


Sitting atop

a lone oak tree,

I survey the destruction

with detached ease.

I once knew this place,

long ago,

when life was brand new

and man had yet to grow.

The beauty was magnificent,

the air crisp and clear,

life living in harmony,

no poison to breathe.


I mourn those lost days,

when soaring through trees

did not mean metal

or glass

or concrete,

but wood

and leaves

and  serenity.


Air is life.

Air is giving.

Air can taketh away.

So beware the living

And treat Mother Earth

with kindness and care,

or her wraith you will receive

in the form of air.


 ~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes