A Poem Riddle

This came to me a couple of nights ago. A lot of times I don’t know where my poems come from, but I usually have an idea what they might mean. This one I am at a loss. What I do know is this poem appeared in my head with a force that said it needed to be written. I have tried to see if there is maybe more, but nothing comes to mind. Maybe it will make sense somewhere later in my life, or maybe it will resonate with you. If it does I would like to hear why. 🙂

I walk under the ocean
where the green grass grows.
Thunder wakes me
and I wonder where I come from
is where I need to go.

© 2015 Heidi Barnes

Let me know, because I would really like an answer to this riddle. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Poem Riddle

  1. Lindsay

    WOW Quite The Dilemma Deciphering This One Heidi . It`s like when you wake up from a dream. You know you were dreaming but unable to piece it together. The Fog is Peas Soup Thick.

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