Pick a Color! Any Color! – FW Prompt #21

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Colors, colors, colors. So many pretty colors, and each one has a specific meaning. The question is… which one would you choose?

Blue you can fly. Being afraid of heights that might pose a problem. Although I do fly in my dreams and that is pretty cool.
Orange you can run at the speed of sound. Think of all the wonderful things you would miss.
Yellow is the one everyone thinks about but is not too sure if it’s a good idea. The ability to read minds. Do you really want to know what others are thinking? I wouldn’t want you to know where my mind wanders. It can be a very scary place at times. Even for me.
Pink gives the ability to heal. That would be cool. But think about it. If you could heal any non-fatal wound, and you were careful, couldn’t you live forever?
Grey. The ability to move objects with your mind. Now that would be cool. Especially on those nights when I’m exhausted, I just settle myself down on the couch under my favorite fluffy blankie to watch my favorite show and realize the remote is out of reach. Whaalaa! It’s suddenly in my hot little hands. *sigh* Heaven!
Purple. The ability to walk through walls. Well, you’d have to be careful with that one. What if you were ten stories up and you didn’t realize it was the outside wall and…. well, you get where this is going. Clean up on aisle 4!
Green allows you to shapeshift. That could be cool if not a little painful. I can see it now. I shift into a great big snake and sneak up on my husband who is afraid of snakes and tap him on the shoulder with my tail. When he turns around I say, “Hellosssss.” He he he. That might get me the $10,000 on Funniest Home Videos! (Yes, I have been told I am evil. Muuaahhhaa! 😉 )
Last but not least, Red. The ability to turn invisible. Think of all you could hear, all you could do and no one would be the wiser. You would be the most sought after secret agent ever!

But which one to pick? Better yet…. why?

I guess for me it would Indigo, the ability to jump into a story and live it. Granted, some of them are pretty scary and the heroine or hero don’t have it very easy mentally or physically. But think of the ability to escape, to really escape. Isn’t that why we read? To escape into someone else life if only for a moment in time?

Did I just cheat the question? Probably. And maybe one of the colors above suits you better. Then again, I tend to escape into my own mind quite a bit and play with my imaginary friends, and the thought of actually doing that has always been a dream of mine.

So, which color would you choose?

Copyright 2015 Heidi Barnes

This is a free write prompt #21 from Writing Outside the Lines. Go give a look. Maybe you’ll find one to inspire you to write something.

4 thoughts on “Pick a Color! Any Color! – FW Prompt #21

  1. Lindsay

    I`d Cheat I`d Try Pushing them all at the same time LOL Probably Blow Them all Up and Myself Included. Maybe there`s a Button That could cure Cancer . I`d push that one in a New York Minute

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