What is Love?

What is this love?
Why is it so important
that people will spend there lives
hunting for it,
dying for it,
killing for it.
How can one emotion
elicit so much peace and joy
while at the same time
cause so much hatred and pain?
Why should I give up
because something inside me says
I can’t exisit without you?
help me understand
before it’s too late.
Before I make a decision
that mat change everything,
that I may regret.

© 2016 Heidi Barnes

9 thoughts on “What is Love?

      1. Desire is often the catalyst. However, it is time that will tell whether it is lust or love. I think that either can be just as beautiful as it can be devastating.

  1. Lindsay

    AHHH Love ! Isn`t Love Grand ? Nothing else comes close to Loving and being Loved by someone .Will Love Last ? Maybe Yes Maybe Not . One thing I know you have to work at it and never take your Lover for granted.

  2. Ah love … the never ending quest … I wish I could advise you Heidi … but I fear I am a horrible adviser in this arena … my own love life being such a disaster! Hahahahaha but I remain optimistic if that helps 😉

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