Dreams Unleashed – Prompt 31 Free Write

Source: Unknown


Sinking into the mattress,
my pillow beckoning.
A night where the sheets
are heaven against my skin.
Eyes closed,
my mind begins to wander.
The days events
racing, tripping,
melding into one chaotic
mess of stress.
Tossing, turning,
nesting further under the covers,
I push those thoughts away
wanting instead to fly,
high in the sky.
Where real life is far, far away
and fantasy reigns.
Darkness descends
thoughts fade away
as sleep consumes.
The curtain slowly raises
revealing tonight’s festivities.
Whether it be light
or darkness perceived,
let the fun begin,
dreams unleashed.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is a free write from the website Writing Outside the Lines. If you would like to see other submissions or try it out yourself go to this link.

9 thoughts on “Dreams Unleashed – Prompt 31 Free Write

  1. Lindsay

    Nothing like a Good Night`s Sleep after a Long Hard Frustrating Day. Hopefully Your Dreams Will Be Sweet and when you Awake be Refreshed & Ready To do it All Over Again . Good Morning Heidi Have a Super Day !

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