Together Victorious

With one word
one slight touch
the world can change
turn upside down
never be the same
no matter how much
we strive to believe

Hold me in your arms
Tell me that you will never leave
Promise me the road before us
will end with our dreams realized
for to step into the unknown
is a frightening prospect

Fight for me
and I will fight for you
Show me that I matter
that you want me in your life
that you will do whatever it takes
to keep me by your side
keep me safe

Is it too much to ask
that you do for me
what I will do for you?
Life is give and take
right and wrong
and something in between
Together we are strong
we can find our way
in the unknown
if only you believe in us
If you say yes
we can be victorious

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

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