Do You Fear the Night?


(Song lyrics from Epiphany, Nightcastle by Tran Siberian Orchestra.)

The darkness holds many secrets

Tales have been spun of evil

Searching for lost souls to feed their lust

I say be gone

For no evil lurks in the darkness

Only superstitious fools seeking

To control that which they do not


As I walk this path

Through mist and trees

As sound travels from twig and branch

Sight hindered by darken night

My mind wanders to tales of woe

Of fairies and pixies playing tricks

To lure the unsuspecting

To deaths veiled door

Suddenly those I scoffed

As charlatans and liars

Who warn us

Beware of nights promised delights

With beginning dread

Words become true

When eyes so bright

Surround me whole

And darkness descends tenfold

I realize then there is no hope

For prayers and song will not bring

Valiant knight to save my soul

I am lost

My story’s end unfolds

 Copyright: Heidi Barnes

Here is the link to the Free Write at Kellie Elmore’s website that I participate in every week. Please go take a look at all the wonderful contributions from some very talented people.

#FWF Free Write Friday: Do You Fear the Night?

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