Help Me



You tell me you love me.

That what you do to me

Is for my own good.

That if I was only prettier



You would not have to do

Such horrible things to me.

As I look in the mirror,

Colors of the spectrum no one person

Should see mottling my body

Where clothes hide what others suspect.

For no one can see

What you need to do to keep me

In line.

A very small part of me,

The part that still rails against you

Cannot understand why you do this to me.

I do everything you ask

When you ask.

I am careful to keep my eyes downcast

Show no interest in another man

Another person

Yet it is never enough.

How can I escape this hell I live in

Who can help me when I can only scream

In silence.



Please help me

Before it is too late.

Before he finally

Breaks me

Copyright: Heidi Barnes

Before I get too many comments, I want to let you know that this poem has nothing to do with me. I have a very loving, caring, if not at times exasperating, husband who I love very much. What inspired this poem is the name of one of my followers. I also started thinking of a couple of books and movies I have seen that talks about spousal abuse. This is what came of that musing.

I hope you all have a safe weekend, and to those trapped in this situation, please, find help and escape. No one should be treated this way.

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