One Step


Taking one step at a time,

the world seeming big

my courage small.

Do I dare chance

feeling the pain?

Do I put myself out there

when I know what awaits me?

My heart is barely healed

yet I cannot bear the silence alone.

So I take one step into the unknown,

put my heart in jeopardy.

Try to relearn how to live,

how to breathe without you.

Days, years, of darkness

the sun is bright.

I shy away,

fear holding me back

from what I know I need to do.

A warm hand,

a gentle smile

and I know I am not alone.

My pain shared

with knowledge bittersweet.

My heart forever pieces missing

I will survive,

I will go on.

True love a distant memory,

never forgotten

yet not impossible.

One step at a time

until we meet again.

~ © 2013 Heidi Barnes for It Happened at Sunrise One Christmas Morn

This was inspired by a story I am writing from a free write. If you would like to follow the story you can go here to read the chapter 1 of It Happened at Sunrise one Christmas Morn. I will post chapters as I write them. This will be the rough draft. Depending on how things go I will publish the final draft on Kindle.

There is another story there, Forever Lost, that started the same way. As I am polishing it up I am learning more so the final draft will be a bit different the rough draft on my site.

5 thoughts on “One Step

  1. I am glad that the story will continue. This is great place to work out the rough drafts of a story. I ended up writing a short story from Kellie’s FWF back in July. Not sure what the next step is but I tremendous encouragement during the process. Others in the book world have also given advice after reading it. Who knows where it may land in 2014?

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