Pics from phone 057

It hurts.

With every breath,

every thought,

my body, my mind

my soul hurts.

When will I feel whole again?

How will I survive without you?

You were my rock,

my reason to get up in the morning,

to fight for those who depend on me.

Now I feel nothing but pain.

How do I rebuild a life

that was centered around you?

How do I stop the hurt?


My darling

my love

my life.


I am never far from you.

I will be there when you are broken,

I will be there when you are healed.

You are a part of me

as I am a part of you.

Take a moment to just breathe.

Take that first step towards the horizon

knowing that you are not alone.

You will never be alone.


that I will always be with you

in your heart.

~ © 2013 Heidi Barnes

This poem was written shortly after my great-aunt passed away. Her daughter was having a difficult time and having been through loss more times than I would like to count I understood what she was going through. I truly believe that there is more after this life and that our loved ones never truly leave us, just like I believe we will once again be reunited.

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