Image: We Heart It
Image: We Heart It
Walking forwards,
the past behind me
the future unknown.
Hard lessons have been learned,
yet I know more are to come.
As winters melts
and spring is reborn,
I draw strength from the earth
under my toes.
The knowledge that
no matter how hard I fight,
how hard I deny,
life will keep moving forward.
It is my choice whether I move with it
or stay locked in time,
forever lost in pain.
I chose life,
because deep inside I know
that death is a step towards
something wonderful,
something more.
Like the cycles of the earth
where the winter is harsh and cold,
the plants and animals sleep
a dreamless sleep
until spring begins anew
and their journey resumes.
One day it will be my turn,
and as my bones nourish the earth,
giving back what has been taken,
I know I will see you again,
in another place,
another time
smiling at me with that special smile
all my own.
The grass under my toes
roots deep and firm,
feed me strength so I can carry on
until that day we are together again.
My heart heals,
life returns.
I am ready,
I am reborn
into the circle of life once more.
~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

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