Image: Desktop Nexus
Image: Desktop Nexus

I fly with confidence

only time provides,

soaring among the clouds

the sun warm against my hair.

Below green and blue

spread far and wide.

A testament to life

as it quietly resides.


A soft breeze gentle kiss

soothingly cool to day’s hot breath.

Yet one subtle shift

and everything fixed

is suddenly adrift.

Life giving,

life changing,



leisurely making its way.

Clearing a path

wide with destruction.

The devil’s sashay.


Sitting atop

a lone oak tree,

I survey the destruction

with detached ease.

I once knew this place,

long ago,

when life was brand new

and man had yet to grow.

The beauty was magnificent,

the air crisp and clear,

life living in harmony,

no poison to breathe.


I mourn those lost days,

when soaring through trees

did not mean metal

or glass

or concrete,

but wood

and leaves

and  serenity.


Air is life.

Air is giving.

Air can taketh away.

So beware the living

And treat Mother Earth

with kindness and care,

or her wraith you will receive

in the form of air.


 ~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes


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