Image: Desktop Nexus
Image: Desktop Nexus
I walk the earth
feet bare, eyes open.
Taking in all that I see,
I feel,
I sense.
I search for that one.
You know,
the one who will tell me
everything I want to know.
They are there,
just out of sight.
Hiding in the shadows
teasing me with glimpses of fairy light.
Those spirits of old,
forgotten memories,
faded into tales told to help children sleep.
What if I told you those tales are true?
That once upon a time
there was more than me and you.
That spirits walked this earth
free from malice and fear,
helping those in need
or playing tricks for cheer.
As this world grows old
we are told what to believe.
That evil lurks nearby
forever trying to take us to our knees.
But what is evil except what others perceive.
A fear,
a hatred,
an unknown that is hard to believe.
I walk these lands
and see the marvels around me
and wonder why one spirit’s magic is call miracle
while another is shunned as the devil’s deed.
If I were to wave my hand
and a tree springs to life in winter’s deep,
would I be hailed a miracle worker,
or be burned a witch on the pyre of man’s sins.
Within us all a spirit resides.
It’s who we are,
how we live.
So I ask you now this question of old,
who are you to judge me and my beliefs
when judgment is not yours?
If sins I have I will answer in time,
but only to the spirit that surrounds me
leads me,
loves unconditionally
me, my soul.

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