The Dreams We Dream…..

   I was looking through my many composition/journal books where I keep my ramblings, story ideas, chapters that I hand wrote before typing into the computer and the odd dreams or two. I came across this reoccurring dream and thought I would share. I’m not sure why I have this dream. It comes in spurts, more times when I was younger, and I have no idea why I have this dream. Just that it is very vivid and I am usually exhausted in the morning. This is not edited, much. I wrote it down as I remembered it, and as in most of my dreams, it may be disjointed, strange. So please, bear with me.
Anyway, here it is……

   Four people all hiding who they really were, what there powers are. Two main characters are good guys hiding in the town by false identities. One bad guy, not hiding but threatens to expose the males if the girl with them does not choose him.
   It is in a town that is familiar to me, with stores, a main street and houses in the surrounding area, yet is a lot busier than normal. The male does not know about the deal she has made, but he does know there is a threat. That his enemy is ready to destroy his and his friend’s world if they do not give him what he wants. But there is no choice. The good male will not give up the girl to someone as evil as his enemy.
    The girl has no choice if she wants those she cares about to remain unharmed. She accepts the terms of the agreement. She goes with the enemy and does not tell her friends or the man she truly loves.
    There is danger all around. Buildings are exploding and she is out saving innocents even though she is supposed to stay safe, hidden from the enemy. But she is eventually caught with a group of others and brought to the leader.
    The scene changes to a compound that is surrounded by a high concrete wall. The main building is made of concrete and large. A mix of warehouse and keep. There are men and women running around carrying weapons, yelling orders or for help as the sound of explosions can be heard all around. There is smoke and fire, yet within the walls it is contained, but above the wall she can see the glow of fire against the ever present smoke. Someone recognizes her and pulls her from the group to take to his leader.
    Her enemy lavishes her with gifts but she is still a prisoner and objects, no matter how pretty or how expensive, do not replace love. He won’t let her out of his sight, but she finally manages to allude him for a short period of time. Just for a few minutes of peace. No one can understand why she wants to escape him. Why she is unhappy when he gives her everything. She tires to explain but they do not understand.

   This is where the dream ends. It never really seems to end. Just an endless loop that continues to circle around and around. Maybe someday I will understand….or not. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “The Dreams We Dream…..

  1. viktoryarch

    That dream is a great story prompt/ story starter. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it.
    Sometimes my dreams are havic and weird…. it might be confusing for us, but the dreams are perfect in the dreamland…. we only see the dust specks…

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