Unable to put into words what you see? Try this trick.

If you are having a hard time putting down the visual you see your mind, close your eyes, immerse yourself in the scene and then type. Don’t worry about mistakes. Don’t worry about wording. Just write what you see in as much detail as you can. When done, open your eyes, fix the spelling errors (there will probably be a lot!) then edit. It is amazing how easy it is to put down in words what you see in your mind when there are no distractions from what is around you.

3 thoughts on “Unable to put into words what you see? Try this trick.

  1. I rarely picture the scenery, even in my head. Maybe searching for pictures of what it might look like would help me fill in the details a bit better.

    I see in your bio you’re a gardener. What sort of garden?

    1. Flower garden. Or I attempt to be. Lol At the moment I’m just trying to get ahead of the weeds and moss.

      Pictures help too, and I do look for those that resemble what I’m trying to “show”. The scenes are usually like a movie in my head, though.

  2. Lindsay

    Heidi I Think a Big Problem is Today`s Technology. Because of Computers & Smart Phones People have lost the ability to Dream Then Create . Like a Lot of Things Today’s Technology is both a Blessing & a Curse. So Many People I know prefer to Text their Friends rather than engage in Conversation. I find this Ludacris .

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