Do not judge what you cannot see What lies at the surface is only the beginning It's what lies underneath that counts It's what lies underneath that is joyful angry in pain Do not judge what you cannot see unless you want to be judge so callously Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes


  Breathe through the pain Everything falls away Water washing away sorrow Clean Bare Only to be found again Slithering Consuming World becomes unsteady Arms hold on Only to slip through Falling into mist Scattering Breaking Until nothing remains Faithless Empty Gone Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes


  Waves crashing lightning strike the storm mimics a broken heart tonight tears of anger tears of joy through rain or shine I will endure   Copyright ©2016 Heidi Barnes

Silent Pleas

Are you strong when you solder on through agony so deep it should bring you to your knees? To keep smiling even though inside you are dying, so those who surround you have sanity in chaos to cling on to. What they don't realize is when you are alone and hidden that grief kept under wraps breaks out …

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