Love’s Sacrifice – part 11

Shaiya Light & Darkness
Desktop Nexus: Shaiya Light & Darkness

Foolish child
you play a game
you have no hope
of winning.
I will own you.
Your mind,
your body,
your soul.
You have given me
and received
And for what?
Love perceived
from demon spawned?
How pathetic.
How splendidly

Desktop Nexus: Darkness

As for you
my faithless pawn,
freedom is yours.
Though earned it
you have not.
Do not waste
what you once discarded
so carelessly.
Take one more look
at the price
that was paid,
for true love
will never again
come your way.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is a poem/story that came to me while driving and listening to Phil Collin’s, In the Air Tonight. Where it has seemed to take on a mind of it’s own, as with all stories, that first initial push to write furiously has slowed down. So I will post as soon as my stewing and listening to the song repeatedly give me inspiration. If you have just found this story, here is the link to Part 1. I hope you enjoy.:)

Part 10  <—>  Part 12

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