Lost – writing prompt 2.2

Joe Hesch
Source: Joe Hesch

Paper thin
tattered around the edges.
The straight and true
float in the breeze
unaware of dangers,
the mighty are pleased.
Misty sails
break free of the night.
The dawn brings peril,
we fight at twilight.
Bring home our sailors,
the far away plead.
Don’t leave us stranded
we beg of thee.
Days turn into nights,
the gulls take flight.
Lost and despair
What shall we do?
How will be stay alive?
Pick and choose,
who lives
who dies.
Fate wins out.
Help has arrived.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is from a writing prompt on Writing Outside the Lines. I wasn’t sure about this poem, but it is what came to me when I saw the feather and began to write. Hope you enjoy.

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