Do not judge what you cannot see What lies at the surface is only the beginning It's what lies underneath that counts It's what lies underneath that is joyful angry in pain Do not judge what you cannot see unless you want to be judge so callously Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

No More

When you reach a point There is no return When you finally say Enough is enough I will do this no more To walk away Never to look back To not turn around Give it one more chance May be the hardest test You will ever endure Because walking into the unknown Is never easy …

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So today I decided to post my weekly Free Write Friday I do on this website. It's a bit late as it's last weeks prompt, but better late than never. :)Here is the prompt from Kellie Elmore's Website: Here is my response:Trust. Easily given, easily broken, impossible to get back. How many chances do you give before …

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